How to Advertise a Restaurant Delivery Service?

What is restaurant delivery service? It is a service of delivering food to people from restaurants. The customers will call you or the restaurant and order what they want to be delivered and your task is to deliver them the foods. Advertising your business needs a lot to be done. It is not difficult but it needs you to be creative and knows how to do it perfectly. Let’s see how to market your business in order to make the best benefits of it.

1. Assisted Living Facilities:
You can leave your fliers and business cards there and telling them that the restaurants that you work with will provide the best healthy meals for all the residents of the facility. Negotiate with the owners of the restaurants about offering a discount or making special days.
This way you will have a stable income that you can count on.

2. Social networks:
You can run this easily or your wife. Having an account on different social networks will allow you to reach a wide base of customers that actually are holding their phones and are hungry and want food right now. Have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram profile and manage them well. Post photos of your menus, photos of the meals from the restaurants that you deal with and even photos with the customers.
Ask your customers to post reviews on your websites and recommend your business to their friends and followers.

3. Hotels and Resorts:
Hotels and resorts are among the places that you must advertise at. Imagine a customer who wants to order a meal and finds your business card or delivery menu next to his/her bed. He/she will just give you a call and order.
Having hotels and resorts among your network will expand it widely. Hotels and resorts deal with a lot of people from different cultures and you can make some really special offers there.
Ideas like a Mexican food day or having a free meal if it is the customer’s first visit to the hotel will attract the hotels managers to make business with you. At the end, hotel managers want to satisfy their clients in very possible way and it includes having a restaurant delivery services agent who they can trust.

4. Companies and workplaces:
Leave your business cards and fliers at big companies and workplaces and make deals with them to bring food for the whole staff for lunch for example. Imagine having a contract with a major company that has a staff of 1000 people or more. You may gain a lot daily and expand your business very rapidly.

5. Restaurants:
Working with some restaurants does not mean that you do not need to expand your work. Making business with other restaurants means more customers, more money and bigger business. Expand, hire staff, start your business in nearby areas and increase the size of your network. It is a promising business so be ambitious.

These are not just the places to advertise, they are the places where most of your customers are. Do your best to make contracts with the owners of these places and again be ambitious.

Challenges of Catering Services Business

If you like serving food, this job is suitable for you. But as any business, there are a lot of challenges that you need to be aware of to continue to run your business perfectly. Catering faces a lot of challenges recently. It is a business that is based mainly on the satisfaction of the clients and it is not that easy to make clients happy. This is a major challenge and of course there are others so let’s see the most common challenges that face the catering services business to be able to run your business smoothly.

1. The proper training:
If you are fond of food and serving it, that is good for family and friends parties. But this is a business, you need to be more professional than this and understand how the services run professionally. The proper training is the solution but it is not that easy to find.
The best way to train is to join a professional catering services agency for a while to gain experience and know how you can run your own business in the future. There are also education classes that you should take to promote your level of service.

2. Stress:
You will work under a lot of pressures. It is a business that requires you to satisfy a crowd. Imagine that you are working at a party. You will hear a lot of criticism that you have deal with professionally by accepting it and never make the customer wrong or argue with him/her.
The thing about disasters is that they are unpredictable. The crash kit is the best solution to avoid disasters. The kit includes the following:
• Extra emergency utensils.
• Extra fuel.
• Condiments.
• Spices
• Plastic wrap or duct tape.
It may save the situation.

3. Organization and creativity:
Organization is the key to run a successful business generally. Catering services need you to organize very single small detail too. Imagine that you are at an event and you are out of plates; it is a disaster that can be avoided if you arranged to have more than you need and have a backup plan in case something is missed.
Thinking creatively is important too. The competition is tough and creativity is the thing that will keep you ahead of the other caterers. All caterers attend normal events like parties, weddings and conferences but have you thought to attend a fashion show? If the answer is no, this is a brand new idea then.
Join online discussions and find out more about events and the techniques and methods. That is how you make your business on the top.

4. How to manage your business:

It is not enough to cook well and be a professional caterer. There are other aspects that you need to take care of regarding your whole business. Things like the marketing campaign, determination of the prices of your services, making deals with food suppliers, managing your staff, interviewing and hiring employees and many other aspects that need you to manage them well to make your business run smoothly.

3 ideas for prepared food delivery businesses you need to know

when you have a delivery business, you may think to expand your business and offer your customers fast, ready to eat meals through their day. Whether your customers want meals for their breakfast, lunch or dinner, they will find what they want ready and eat it immediately.
These ideas depend on your culinary skills and you will find yourself enjoying making these ideas into food for your customers who do not have time to wait for you to prepare them their meals.
The only thing is that you need to make sure that the health department will approve the foods and that the foods will be perfect and healthy. Let’s see the top ideas of prepared food delivery.

1. Organic, green cooking:
Plant based diet is a trend in the whole world so the idea of bringing your customers totally organic meals free of any hormones or pesticides is so good.
It is not just about the organic food but also the delivery process. Use reusable glass containers instead of the harmful plastic containers and have eco-friendly delivery vehicles instead of our vehicles that emit gases and harm the planet.
Your customers will be vegans and vegetarians so make the decoration of your place plant bases decoration too.

2. Cooking kits:
Your customers will still have to cook their meals at home but instead of completely cook the meals they will just prepare them in no time. Cooking kits include the following:
• All the ingredients needed for the meal.
• The recipe.
• The instructions. You should make the instructions so easy and in step by step way for customer who are not professional at cooking.
• Part of the meals should be complete and ready to be cooked already by the customer.
The most common example is shrimp. The shrimp cooking kit should include shrimp that is already peeled, washed, boiled and ready to be cut and cooked.
Always make sure that the kit has the complete ingredients that your customer may use. Even if the ingredient is not common, put it. It will save the customer the time and the effort to run to a supermarket to buy what he/she needs.

3. Ready-to-Eat Meals:
These types of meals are just made to be eaten. There is no cooking or any kind of preparation. Your customer will call and order a meal. The meals will be delivered hot and fresh as if your customer is at a restaurant or at home. To make this possible you will have to follow these points.
• Have a set menu that your customers will just call and order from it. You should make sure that you can prepare any meal on this menu so make sure you have everything for it.
• You will need a delivery employee and a vehicle. Motorbikes are the best as it can avoid crowded areas easily and reach fast while the food is still hot.
• You will need preparation staff to help you make the meal as fast as you can.

The more satisfied clients you have, the bigger your business will be. Make sure to make that your clients will be totally satisfied.