How to Advertise a Restaurant Delivery Service?

What is restaurant delivery service? It is a service of delivering food to people from restaurants. The customers will call you or the restaurant and order what they want to be delivered and your task is to deliver them the foods. Advertising your business needs a lot to be done. It is not difficult but it needs you to be creative and knows how to do it perfectly. Let’s see how to market your business in order to make the best benefits of it.

1. Assisted Living Facilities:
You can leave your fliers and business cards there and telling them that the restaurants that you work with will provide the best healthy meals for all the residents of the facility. Negotiate with the owners of the restaurants about offering a discount or making special days.
This way you will have a stable income that you can count on.

2. Social networks:
You can run this easily or your wife. Having an account on different social networks will allow you to reach a wide base of customers that actually are holding their phones and are hungry and want food right now. Have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and an Instagram profile and manage them well. Post photos of your menus, photos of the meals from the restaurants that you deal with and even photos with the customers.
Ask your customers to post reviews on your websites and recommend your business to their friends and followers.

3. Hotels and Resorts:
Hotels and resorts are among the places that you must advertise at. Imagine a customer who wants to order a meal and finds your business card or delivery menu next to his/her bed. He/she will just give you a call and order.
Having hotels and resorts among your network will expand it widely. Hotels and resorts deal with a lot of people from different cultures and you can make some really special offers there.
Ideas like a Mexican food day or having a free meal if it is the customer’s first visit to the hotel will attract the hotels managers to make business with you. At the end, hotel managers want to satisfy their clients in very possible way and it includes having a restaurant delivery services agent who they can trust.

4. Companies and workplaces:
Leave your business cards and fliers at big companies and workplaces and make deals with them to bring food for the whole staff for lunch for example. Imagine having a contract with a major company that has a staff of 1000 people or more. You may gain a lot daily and expand your business very rapidly.

5. Restaurants:
Working with some restaurants does not mean that you do not need to expand your work. Making business with other restaurants means more customers, more money and bigger business. Expand, hire staff, start your business in nearby areas and increase the size of your network. It is a promising business so be ambitious.

These are not just the places to advertise, they are the places where most of your customers are. Do your best to make contracts with the owners of these places and again be ambitious.

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